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long term rental in israel

Rental vacation units for a period of weeks to months

Israel - you can never get enough of it, and for more relaxed vacationers we offer long-term rental apartments, which can provide the feeling of a real home, but are located in a major entertainment center of this country, and some are even in hotels, where we market independent vacation units to rent for a period of weeks to months. All are affordably priced and at incomparable levels of service. The apartments are also suitable for Israelis who are renovating their apartments and require furnished and properly equipped apartments during the renovation period.
2 bedrooms apartment for rent in the "Heart of Tel Aviv"
Price from: 200 $
An exceptional modernly designed apartment
Price from: 150 $
Furnished luxury apartment for rent
Price from: 180 $
Large apartment - up to six guests
Price from: 250 $
Fully furnished studio apartment
Price from: 100 $
blue ray
Price from: 220 $
one bedroom apartment located at the "DANIEL" hotel
Price from: 150 $
3 bedrooms vacation apartment in Herzlia-Israel
Price from: 350 $
Lovely romantic suite at the five stars Daniel hotel
Price from: 180 $
Two Deluxe suites With an amazing sea view
Price from: 180 $
Amazing sea view from the daniel hotel
Price from: 200 $
Fully furnished one bedroom luxury apartment
Price from: 200 $
Enjoy the benefits offered by the hotel
Price from: 250 $
Two double-bedroom fully-fitted apartment in Herzliya Pituach
Price from: 150 $
Luxurious three bedroom apartment
Price from: 350 $

Where do you find accommodations when planning a long vacation in Israel? Hotels are not really a preferable option because the cost may skyrocket and make your vacation extremely expensive. Apartments for rent, on the other hand, are an excellent option and are especially recommended.
For a relatively small country, Israel has a lot to offer its visitors. It has the green north, the warm desert, holy Jerusalem, lively Tel Aviv, Dead Sea, coastal cities and many more fascinating places. A short vacation in Israel may leave you not completely satisfied - therefore if you are planning a long vacation in Israel, you have certainly made a very wise decision. A long stay in Israel necessitates making special arrangements regarding accommodations, since hotel accommodation in this case is less desirable. The costs of hotels in Israel are relatively high and staying at a hotel for several days may be expensive and not at all worthwhile. For holidays of this type it is recommended to rent vacation apartments that are particularly suitable for long stays. You can find vacation apartments in almost all regions of the country, at varied prices, types and sizes.

Summer Vacation in Israel
The summer in Israel is long and particularly enjoyable. Many tourists choose to stay in Israel for the entire summer and enjoy the sea, swimming pool, pleasures and unlimited sunshine. An extended stay in Israel is recommended to be undertaken only in vacation apartments suitable for long term rental. The option of renting a vacation apartment is preferable and is recommended, because it can give you the feeling of home even while you are far from home. Our vacation apartments are fully equipped, clean and organized and will transform your summer vacation into an unforgettable experience.

Long-Term Vacation Apartments
A long-term stay at a hotel is not such a good option because it could cost you a lot of money. Vacation apartments for rent, on the other hand, offer a far more worthwhile vacation, which will allow you to enjoy a long and pleasant stay in Israel. You can find such apartments in many areas of the country and thus can enjoy a long, economical and worry-free vacation.

A Long Family Vacation
When traveling with the family for a long vacation, you should take a number of factors into consideration. The extended period of time may be particularly pleasant, but at the same time challenging to some extent. To make the long family vacation more comfortable for everyone, it is recommended to rent a long-term vacation apartment. In this way you can provide your family with a feeling of home that will offer everyone maximum comfort and maximum enjoyment of the holiday. Moreover, it is the most economically worthwhile option that will allow you to save a great deal of money on hotels.
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