Jaffa - a City that Has it All for your Israeli holiday

To enjoy its special atmosphere, it is highly recommended to stay at a vacation apartment to ensure you have a completely authentic experience.

Jaffa. There is so much to say about the city, but only a physical visit there will allow you to truly feel it. While Jaffa is technically considered part of Tel Aviv, it stands on its own. It is a unique port city where Jews, Arabs, and Christians live harmoniously side by side. It offers excellent food, impressive historical structures, young and trendy coffee houses and restaurants, and of course exquisite beaches. The preferable option for your stay in Jaffa for the duration of your vacation is renting out a vacation apartment. In this way you can experience the city's special vibes and truly enjoy its unique atmosphere, without the chaos of the city's hotels.

An Authentic Canaanite Port City
In the past, Jaffa had been the main port city, most significant to the entire country. Jaffa has an impressive and extinguished history, remnants of which can still be found all over the city. A visit in Jaffa will offer you the opportunity to learn about Jaffa in various periods and enjoy beautiful site-seeing tours in the city which is one of the most ancient ones on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The best way to experience Jaffa and its history is to stay at a vacation apartment in the city. In this way, you infuse your vacation with an authentic atmosphere, much more than you would get at one of the city's hotels.

Jaffa: an Integral Part of Tel Aviv
In spite of the fact that Jaffa has an especially impressive and ancient history, it is still an inseparable part of the young, modern Tel Aviv. Just a short drive away from Jaffa, you'll find yourself in the heart of Israel's major metropolis. In Tel Aviv, like in Jaffa, you'll find trendy bars, outstanding restaurants, culture, art, sea, and lots and lots of fun. Tel Aviv and Jaffa are even part of the same municipality -- they are so intertwined that a vacation in Jaffa also includes a vacation in Tel Aviv, and vice-versa.

An Experience of Israel's Diverse Human Tapestry
As mentioned above, Jaffa home to Arabs, Jew, and Christians who live side by side in nearly perfect harmony. The fact that this diverse human tapestry is what makes up the city makes your vacation there an unforgettable experience. One can say that this unique composition of residents is what makes Jaffa what it is, and the visit there so out-of-the-ordinary. You can find vacation apartments for rent in Jaffa and stay there instead of at hotels, and as such fully experience the city and the special people who live there.
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