Vacation in Israel at the Sea Side

Traveling to Israel for vacation? Take into consideration that the sea is an integral part of the experience

Vacation apartments in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Netanya, and even Ashdod will make it possible for you to be close to the sea while being at the center of a big city. Especially since the maximum distance to the beach comes out to one hour of travel from all of these cities mentioned, especially where Tel Aviv is concerned. Israel is situated on a long, impressive stretch of beaches, not including the beaches of the Kineret, the Dead Sea, and the Red Sea beach in Eilat, of course. There's no reason to forfeit a gorgeous tan on your trip to Israel -- just rent out an apartment in one of the beach cities and you'll enjoy all the benefits of vacationing in Israel. 

Vacationing on Israel's Sea Side
Israel's stretch of beaches is very large and spans from North to South, so you can take your pick from its numerous stunning beaches. There are countless hotels situated right on the beach, as well as vacationing apartments for rent located in close proximity to the country's more beautiful beaches. In order to select the most appropriate option, you will have to ask yourself several questions: How long will your vacation be? Do you want to be on your own, or would it be more pleasant to be in the company of strangers? Will you need a cafeteria, or would you prefer cooking on your own?And so forth. After deciding on the nature of your ideal vacation, you can then consider if you would prefer staying at a beachside hotel or at an apartment nearby.

Vacationing in Eilat
Israel's southernmost city attracts droves of tourists from Israel and the whole world over. Eilat has so much to offer to tourists, and vacationing there is known to be especially enjoyable and luxurious. Eilat hosts a plethora of hotels and many tourists choose to stay there. It is possible to find five star hotels there, but one should take into consideration that generally hotels in Eilat are fully booked, so if you are interested in a quiet and intimate vacation, it's best to steer clear from them. Those who prefer vacationing in a homey and family atmosphere can rent vacation apartments, which are widely available in Eilat. The apartments are furnished and fully equipped, suitable for both brief and extended vacations, and will give you a vacation in a totally different environment.

The Beach is Only an Hour Away from Jerusalem...
Jerusalem, Israel's capital, is sacred to the world's three monotheistic religions. For this reason, it attracts multitudes of tourists all year long. Aside from the historical sites, Jerusalem is full of excellent restaurants and the city has a special, interesting mysterious atmosphere. Like in Eilat and in other cities in Israel, Jerusalem boasts many hotels at various price ranges. There are also vacationing units for rent in the city, which are suitable for family vacations, romantic getaways, or any other type of vacation. There is no one answer to the question of if a hotel or vacation apartment is preferable in Jerusalem. It varies from person to person according to their desires and expectations of their vacation.
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