Vacationing in Israel - apartment or hotel?

An integration of the benefits of hotel accommodation and the flexibility of accommodation in a rented apartment is the “next big thing” in the tourism industry and is made possible by apartment hotels

The most attractive option of renting a unit in an apartment hotel provides the peace of mind that you need during your vacation. Apartment hotels are located in central tourism regions and allow both the enjoyment and indulgence of the hotel and its facilities, together with significant savings in costs, while not compromising on the quality of your vacation.

Hotels in Israel - General
Israel is an optimal destination for all types of vacation and during every season of the year, the infinite variety of entertainment options and attractions draws both tourists and vacationers from Israel to choose Israel time and time again as their preferred holiday destination. The availability of hotel accommodations in Israel is varied and extensive, and includes hotels ranging from the most indulgent to hotels that provide basic services for the tourist. In Israel you can find hotels managed by the leading international chains, small family hotels providing a different atmosphere for vacations, and the highlight is an apartment hotel that combines both the standards of a hotel with the uniqueness of accommodation in an apartment and facilitates treating the guest in a unique and individual manner.

The Advantages of Apartment Rentals for a Vacation
Numerous people are interested in the possibility of renting an apartment instead of accommodation in a hotel, from the desire to reduce the costs of their vacation, without compromising on an accessible and central location. As with everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to renting an apartment for a vacation. You do not always know what you will be getting in return, sometimes reality is not precisely as it appeared in the photographs when you planned your vacation, and as a result sometimes the cheap turns out to be expensive. A vacation that integrates rental of an apartment in an apartment hotel provides the guest the peace of mind en route to a dream vacation.

Prices of Apartments Compared to Hotels
Even in the realm of prices there is a range of prices according to your budget for the vacation, and the holiday season. Sometimes hotel accommodation may be more attractive in terms of price, while at other times it could be quite the opposite. Early planning can reduce the costs of accommodation, allowing you to spend more on various attractions.
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