Taxis cost in israel

Well the price of getting a taxi from Herliyza to Tel-Aviv actually depends how far each hotel is from the city of Tel-Aviv.

The cost of getting a taxi from the Dan Accadia hotel to the city of Tel-Aviv cost about 114 NIS, or going from the Daniel Hotel Herzelia to the city of Tel-Aviv cost  117.20 NIS, or the cost of going from Benjamin Herzliya Business Hotel to the city of Tel-Aviv. 

The cost getting a cab from the hotel of the International David Tel Aviv which is in Tel-Aviv to the North of Israel cost שח 669.48. You have to pay the price of going from the Shalom Hotel and Relaxed which is in Tel-Aviv to the North of Israel 641.99 NIS.

In all reality, you can never truly predict the price of getting a cab from a certain city to another city because it depends on what exact pace that you are going to. If I was you, I would not try and go to Israel because the country´s prices are pretty high. If was you, I would use a train in this country to go because they are more reliable than cab because at any moment, the gas in the cab could just ran out on you unless you got a gas or the driver of the cab might have an extra set of gas to fuel the taxi. I think drivers of cabs uses the money to pump case in order to make more money.
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