Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

We all have the image of the cruise ship turned up on its side in shallow water burned into our memory.

It was a featured news story for days and a horrendous experience that the travelers onboard will never forget. That tragedy on the high seas has brought the need for travel insurance into the lime light, a subject that was once kept in the hushed darkness because discussing it placed a negative overtone on vacation travel plans.

Accidents can happen when we travel and we should be prepared as best we can just in case something goes terribly wrong during our vacation or business trip. There are times when luggage gets lost, flights are cancelled, the accommodations or travel modes are not what you paid for and fall way short of your expectations, a natural disaster hits your vacation destination or perhaps you or a family member has health emergency arise while traveling. All of these things can be covered by a travel insurance policy and at minimal expense.
Certainly travel insurance won’t protect you from bad things happening, but the right kind of policy will offer you monetary reimbursement in the event that something goes wrong while you are traveling. Health insurance, baggage insurance, trip cancellation insurance, sporting equipment insurance, credit card insurance and even terrorism attack insurance can be purchased (along with other types of policies) and its up to each traveler to decide what is right for them. Ask questions and read the fine print before purchasing in order to be covered for what you deem to be important when traveling.
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