Bicycle tour in Israel

Bicycling in Israel is quickly catching on like wildfire amongst the tourists and locals

One of the main reasons for this catching on is because it allows people to take their time with touring Israel. It is less of a rush. Plus it is more eco-friendly. Where are some of the places to go touring with a bicycle?

Tel Aviv
The Israeli city of Tel Aviv is the second most populated city in Israel. It offers a perfect flat, which is great for bikers who are just beginning. A bicycle tour in Israel is bound to be tiring if the person is not used to it. This is why starting with something is would be a good idea. There are multiple places to visit in Tel Aviv. One such place would be Tel Aviv Port, and the Yarkon River. Other places you would want to visit include the white city and the Church of St. Peter. One of the biblical sites in Tel Aviv would be the Horn of Carmel. This is where Elijah fought the prophets. Also, you will have a phenomenal view of Galilee from the church rooftop. It is also a good time to bike down the slope of Carmel. Something that makes a bicycle tour in Israel well worthwhile.

Golan Heights
This is a vast plateau that is overlooking the Sea of Galilea. On the other side is Syria. While taking a bicycle tour in Israel at this location, be sure to check out Garmala. This is a city that fought back against the Roman Empire. There are many back roads that a person can take in Garmala.

A bicycle tour in Israel is one way that a person can explore the rich history of Israel. It is the site where a great deal of history took place. Taking a bicycle tour in Israel is one way that you will be able to uncover that history.
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