Nightlife in Israel

Here are a few things you can do in ISRAEL for your nightlife run.

Although, a lot of people travel to ISRAEL for the cultural aspects, they do not know that ISRAEL has an incredible nightlife especially around the Tel Aviv area.

ISRAEL has a very interesting nightlife with the main partying actually starting around 11pm but not getting hot until 2 am. Abraxas is an excellent bar located in Tel Aviv which is great for drinking and food. It gets pretty packed and you'll hear not only your favorite hits, but some quality Israel music. Pretty much the theme here is to drink until you cannot anymore. However, you should always have some form of decency especially in another country.

If you are a bit older, you ay want to try out Saloona. It's more art oriented and doesn't really look like your typical bar. You'll get a look into the local art scene with cool exhibits from time to time as well as enjoying your nightlife binge by hearing great music. The location is right near the famous Gesher Theatre.

ISRAEL has one of the most diverse club environments with a nightlife sporting hardcore music, variety, and a lot of style coming from all sectors of the world. Keep your eyes and ears open for secret locations to enjoy your nightlife listening to Top 40 and underground sounds.
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