Recommended tourist sites for children in Israel

If you decide to travel to Israel with your children there are several exciting and fun attractions that they will enjoy. Details about three great travel destinations are below.

Luna Park in Tel Aviv, Israel has been a popular travel destination since 1970. It has over 30 rides for children of all ages. Most children particularly like the pirate ship and the breakdancer. The admission price for children is reasonable.

The Canada Center in Metulla, Israel is a good travel option in Israel. There is a variety of activities for children in Israel. The large skating rink is open for free skating time for children and adults. The center also has an indoor pool with a hot tub and an outdoor swimming pool with a water slide. This is the ideal place to go for physical recreation when you travel in Israel.

Travel to the Hula Nature Reserve in Israel if you love nature. Your children can go bird watching and learn about the many species. The reserve is near the Yesud Hama’ala village in the valley located between Lebanon and Syria. Make sure that you equip your children with binoculars, bird calls and cameras when you travel to Hula
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