Culture in Israel

Regardless of the season, there is a culture event taking place somewhere in Israel.

The 52nd annual observance of The Israel Festival kicks off in Spring 2013. For this major event, guests and performers from around the globe congregate to celebrate music, theatre and dance. From jazz club shows to street theatre and children's programs, the festival is guaranteed to be a long-remembered culture experience.

The fourth largest city in Israel hosts the annual Rashan Lezion Wine Festival showcasing the main wine region of Israel. In addition to opportunities to sip wine, visit vineyards and explore wine cellars, a week-long gala of theatrical shows, orchestral/choral concerts and lectures highlighting the culture of Israel occurs at the Heichal HaTarbut, the Hall of Culture.

The goal of the Red Sea Jazz Festival is to introduce, maintain and perpetuate interest in the culture of Israel. Held in Eilat, music aficionados are regaled with a 4-day immersion in jazz concerts, culture workshops and jazz jamming fests. In addition to the Summer/August gathering, a 3-day Winter/January culture explosion was added in 2010.

Since 1983, the culture of Israel has been celebrated and advanced during the annual Haifa International Film Festival. Not only does this event function as a mecca for film industry professionals and over 70,000 movie lovers, it attracts journalists from around the globe.
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