Herzliya - Modern playground with ancient roots

Go straight west from Tel Aviv, and you’ll hit the Mediterranean Sea. Just before that,

however, you’ll find yourself in Herzliya, one of the most prestigious cities in Israel and a natural playground for sophisticated world travelers.

With 87,000 people at the latest census, Herzliya is a thriving community with an illustrious past. Founded in 1924 as a “moshav,” or semi-cooperative farming community, Herzliya was named for Theodor Herzl, the first and most influential proponent of modern Zionism. By 1960, the population had reached 25,000, and Herzliya became a city.

Herzliya’s proximity to Tel Aviv and its seaside ambience made it a desirable location for foreign embassies and political leaders. Herzliya’s appeal to the affluent led to the prominence of Herzliya Petuach, a neighborhood some call the “Beverly Hills of Israel” for its upscale shops and palatial homes. 

Herzliya is also home to several archaeological sites, most importantly the Apollonia-Arsuf dig where, in 2012, one of the largest collections of gold coins ever found in Israel was discovered beneath a broken tile floor dating from the 1300s. Other finds at Herzliya include the Sidna Ali mosque and the village of Arsuf, which harks back to Phoenician times.

Today, highrise apartments and condo developments fill the center of town, while stately villas reside on spacious grounds. Glittering hotels, among them the new Daniel with its exclusive spa and executive suites, line the shore, where clubs, cinemas, shopping centers and fine restaurants tempt locals and visitors. 
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