Hotels in Herzliya: A Look at Some Leaders

Along the glittering stretch of sand known as Herzliya Petuach, in Herzliya, Israel, high-rise hotels compete for business and leisure travelers from around the world.

Here is a look at some of the leading contenders among these hotels.

The Dan Accadia, described by recent guests as “old style” and “vintage”, is the dowager of Herzliya hotels. Constructed in 1956 and last renovated in 1999, the Dan attracts nostalgic Israelis who remember childhood visits. Others are drawn by the reputation of other long-standing Dan hotels. The Dan gets high marks for its variety of restaurants.

At the Herzliya Okeanos Hotel, every room is a one-bedroom suite with a full kitchen, making it ideal for those who travel with young children or need an extended-stay lodging. For families with picky eaters or special dietary needs, who don’t plan to use room service and won’t miss having a bar or restaurant on the premises, hotels like the Okeanos are good choices in Herzliya. Guests report that the décor is not up-to-date, but that may not matter to weary parents or task-oriented commercial guests.

The Sharon praised for its saltwater pool, is another of the older hotels in Herzliya.

The Daniel Hotel, which boasts a full-service Shizen spa and is adjacent to a business park, stands out among Herzliya hotels. Guests praise its “chic, lean” décor and its generous breakfasts. With its views of the Marina and its ocean-facing pool, the Daniel is generating buzz among frequent visitors to hotels in Herzliya.
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