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We at ISRAELHOLIDAYAESTATE realized a long time ago that a holiday in Israel is far more than just vacationing in Jerusalem or in Eilat. The most "Westernized" country in the Middle East is probably also the most interesting place to vacation, with a variety of views of snow-capped peaks in the north, passing through the center of the country, which offers urban, historic landscape, breathtaking nature, and sites of considerable religious value, when referring to Jerusalem, and on to the desert south, which enables vacationing in a summery and bright atmosphere almost 365 days a year.

Vacations in Israel
They say that basically everything began here. It is known that this piece of land is sacred to the three great monotheistic religions. Israeli is known as the "start-up nation". Never a week passes without Israel's name being mentioned in the news, in some country in the world at least once. All of these are good reasons to visit and vacation in Israel and to become acquainted once and for all with the warm and friendly Israeli atmosphere, so well known throughout the world. The atmosphere is lively for all ages, families, couples and individuals seeking an unforgettable vacation.

Vacation Apartments in Israel
ISRAELHOLIDAYAESTATE is a unique index of vacation apartments throughout Israel. If you are coming for a short holiday, to celebrate a family event, business meetings, medical tourism or long-term vacation - here you can find the accommodation solution best suited to your needs. The vacation apartments listed are of the highest standards, furnished and well equipped so that your only concern will be how to enjoy yourself...

Rental Apartments in Tel Aviv and its Surroundings
It is amusing to think that many people around the world tend to think that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel and not Jerusalem... well, even if it is not the official capital, it is most certainly the beating heart of Israel - the business, entertainment and vacation center in the Holy Land. Along the beachfront are located hotels belonging to international chains and in the business centers you can find delightful boutique hotels with an architectural character that suits the ambience of the city that was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century. In Tel Aviv itself and in nearby cities quite a few apartments can be found for rental for long or shorter periods. The significant advantage of a vacation apartment in Tel Aviv is the price, which will be considerably cheaper than the cost of a hotel in Israel. On our website you can also find vacation apartments located within the hotels themselves.
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